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Neil Doell


Nationality: Canadian

Political Party: Founding Member of the People's Party of Canada

Political Riding: Edmonton-Wetaskiwin

Family: Sayler (Wife), Odin (son, 3), Dagny (daughter, 1)

Age: 43

Birth Place: Tofield, Alberta

Home Town: Whitecourt, Alberta

Home City: Edmonton, Alberta

Animals: A couple old cats

Hobbies: Automation, family, and politics

Education: BSc. Electrical Engineering from University of Alberta

His Personal Story

Neil was born in Tofield, raised in Whitecourt, got his Engineering degree in Edmonton, golfed 100 rounds in Calgary one summer, married a girl originally from Mayerthorpe, has family in Fort McMurray and friends in Lethbridge. He has seen most of Alberta and feels it in his core. He also lived in China for a few years, traveled south east Asia, Europe and Central America, and has experienced and studied these different cultures and histories. He is now an automation developer at a company he owns in Edmonton, where he also lives with his wife and two young children. He is excited to bring his experience to work for the principles of the People's Party of Canada.


Why Politics? 

We are seeing the erosion of freedom in our country - where it is being made illegal to criticize differing opinions of the world - where the government is inventing new ways to tax every item, action, or thought an individual might have, even the air we breathe - where personal responsibility is being devalued and submission to the state is being enforced. Neil doesn't want that for himself, and he certainly doesn't want what it leads to for his children.


How to Contact Neil:

Email: votefordoell@gmail.com

Twitter: @votefordoell

Facebook: fb.me/@votefordoell

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