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A quick note from Neil to you, we know it has been a year!


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Latest Letter from the Campaign Desk:


Dear Members,

I am writing you this as a quick update from the desk of Neil’s already busy campaign. As others were going about their daily lives we were tirelessly getting ourselves prepared for the writ to drop. That moment has come!

My name is Steven Locke for those that don’t know me yet. I have been volunteering in our riding from day one. Furthering the promotion of Max and his platform has been my goal because I truly believe the People’s Party is the only platform that will benefit Canada and all Canadians.

Over a year later now and this dream that Max started is coming to fruition! We are lucky that for once we don’t have to sink our votes into the Old Boys Club political parties anymore. Interestingly enough an Ipsos poll said 61% of Canadians currently feel the same.

And that is where this letter comes into play. I wanted to update you all with everything we have been doing and where we can use help.

Just today we have finalized our lawn signs and have placed the order! Contact myself, Neil, or reach out on the website and we will get you a sign. We are trying to gain exposure and it will come down to all of us spreading the word to make that happen.

It can be achieved with solid volunteers and we can always use more!

I thought some of you may be interested in numbers and I am a huge believer in “Respect”. In saying that I respect all of you enough to ensure you know where your funds go and how they are being used. These prices cover 16” x 24” signs.

Cost per sign almost $5

In the essence of being different instead of selling the signs we are just asking for a donation, this will help us get signs to everyone possible!

As many of you know there are quite a few major highways in our riding. They are a great area to get some major traction (QE2, Highway 21, and Highway 2A to name a few). Those signs will need to be much bigger but with that is a cost.

For example a 48” x 48” sign will run at minimum about $25 - $35 per sign. On top of that comes building of frames strong enough to support it. We all know how strong our winds can be on the Prairies!

There are other advertising options we are considering as well:

  • $100 – 200 for newspaper ads (or even as high as a $1000 if we took out a whole page ad)
  • Digital signs (looking like $1400 for 4 weeks)
  • Radio ($400-1000 depending on duration)

As you can see the cost can add up. To all those that have donated up until this point we cannot thank you enough. The reason we have signs on order is because of your donations. Our members and volunteers have been a huge asset that we appreciate probably more than any other party. We don’t have the big surplus of funds like the parties that have been fundraising for years. We have you!! To tell you the truth I would take all of you over all the things these other parties are spending Canadians donations on (Airplanes like Scheer / Trudeau and Campaign buses like Jagmeet).

So again thank you for donating and keep it up, maybe you will have a 4 foot sign in your area soon!!


On another note we have 4 candidate events lined up in the next few weeks. 3 Candidate Forums (debates) will be held and one luncheon. These events are all put on by the Chamber of Commerce in a few locations.

  • Beaumont Sep 30 (will be livestreamed)

Link to website:


  • Leduc Oct 9
  • Wetaskiwin possible date changes Oct 2 or 16
  • Nisku (luncheon) Oct 4

Link to website:

Come out to one, show your support and cheer loud. Canada will be listening!


Door knocking has been Neil’s major priority, every day he is out there at some point! Rain or shine he has been focused on meeting as many people in our riding as is humanly possible. He always could use door knocking buddies and if you feel you may have what it takes please reach out. I promise you it is not as intimidating as it may seem. Our platform speaks for itself and people generally are quite receptive. So if you got the gift of gab, let us know!

We also are still lining up coffee meet ups with Neil. This is a great opportunity for your friends and family to get one on one time with their potential federal representative. Even some Conservative voters have expressed interest to me.


Lastly I want to leave you with some inspiration.

Being that I believe in this wholeheartedly I have reached out to everyone I know. Some people I reached out to a year ago would tell me the same things many of you have heard. “We can’t split the vote”, “We have got to get Trudeau out”, “Andrew may not be the guy but we can’t have Trudeau”, I have heard it all. None of it ever stopped me from talking and telling people about the amazing opportunity we have before us.

In the last 2 weeks I have had multiple conversations with people that I had talked to months back. Many of those people called me just to say, “Well Steve we have to chat, I think you are right about Max”. Tides are turning, don’t give up and speak loud. We have real issues that need to be dealt with, don’t let fear stop us from having those tough discussions. At the end of the day those people may call you thanking you!



From our Candidate Selection Night:


Maxime in Leduc (Diner) and Edmonton area:


Neil and other Alberta Candidates at a Rally in Red Deer:

Left to Right:

Ron Valliant, Nadine Wellwood, Neil Doell, Kelly Lorencz, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, Paul Mitchell, and Doug Galavan

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